What Our Clients Say?

"Horwath Name Carries A Lot Of Weight"
When I got a DUI, I had no idea what to do. Having never been arrested, I was overwhelmed with fear, regret and questions. [...] Not only did Angela and her dedicated staff fight for me in the courtroom, they also walked me through the countless bureaucratic obstacles along the way. Whether dealing with judges, counselors or administrators, it quickly became clear that the Horwath name carries a lot of weight. "
– Anonymous
"Get My Assault 2 Down to An Assault 4"
So glad I chose Horwath Law, I had a very tricky case with a very needy "victim" Angela was able to get my assault 2 down to an assault 4, with numerous witnesses and video... all that just to have the victim get the prosecutor removed from the case and his boss take it over, she fought tooth and nail to keep me out of jail and to keep a felony off my record after long negotiations we got my deal back and was only required to do one 8 hr class of anger management. I was looking at 6 months - 3 years in jail and the victim wasn't settling for anything less. Thank you Angela and Horwath law you guys are the best!
– Taumas Grigsby
"A Passionate Advocate And Will Really Fight For You"
If you have been charged with a crime, you need to call Angela. Unlike many defense attorneys, she actually looks at her clients like real people, and takes the time to listen to you, investigating your case and all legal avenues really thoroughly. Angela is a passionate advocate and will really fight for you in one of the most stressful times of your life. You really cannot go wrong here, I'd recommend anyone to her firm in a heartbeat.
– Anonymous
"My Husband DUI Case Was Dismissed..."
     I hired Horwath Law to represent my husband for a DUI case and a year later the case was dismissed because of all their hard work. A DUI case dropped in one if the hardest counties in Washington. Thank you so much for driving all the way down to help us. I recommend everyone to this office. They let us make payments and truly helped us. Thank you to both ladies Kelsey and Hayley.
– Sarah Linne Miller
"Able To Get Everything Dismissed"
Angela handled my case out of King county and was able to get everything dismissed! She was a great help and got the best possible results.
– Austin
"We Got This Case Dismissed"
     This was probably the most stressful thing I've ever gone through in my life but Angela was always there to guide me! We got this case dismissed and I could seriously not be anymore happy and satisfied with her services. Very genuine and caring person not to mention amazing at what she does!!
– Brittany
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