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We have successfully handled all facets of the most complex charges and provide the same dedication and effort into each case. When you hire our firm, you are investing in superior representation to aid you in your DUI or criminal defense.

We are experienced in:

Seattle DUI
Reckless Driving
Negligent Driving
Minor in Possession
License Suspension or revocation

If you have been arrested for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in Seattle, a Seattle DUI Attorney can help. An attorney can save time, money and freedom for hundreds of residents in Seattle, King County and Washington State. Protect yourself with legal representation.


An experienced criminal defense attorney can get your case dismissed or significantly reduced.

Why should you hire a Seattle DUI lawyer?

An experienced Seattle DUI Attorney can:
Prevent license suspension
Restore driving privileges
Prevent jail time
Reduce or eliminate fines
Prevent public work service
Reduce or eliminate charges

How can a Seattle DUI (Driving Under the Influence) attorney help?

There are many ways to challenge and disprove the evidence against an accused, and an experienced Seattle attorney knows the procedures involved. The attorney can:

File pretrial motions to suppress evidence: A successful motion almost always results in the criminal case being dismissed
Review the maintenance and calibration records of the breath/blood machine: These machines are not infallible. They are made of up of metal, plastic, and silicon, and all these materials deteriorate over time. To believe that they work every time, at 100% efficiency, is like believing your car will never break down. And, like a car, the amount and type of maintenance is very important to how well it works. Hire an analyst to determine if the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was accurate. Effectively cross-examine the officer to expose mistakes and inaccuracies in the gathering of evidence.

What Does A Seattle DUI Attorney Do?

The attorney can represent the accused in court (the criminal case) and in the case brought by the Department of Licensing (the civil case). In court, the attorney can raise legal issues and negotiate with the prosecutor in order to get the case dropped or significantly reduced. With DOL, the attorney can raise legal issues in order to prevent a lengthy license suspension.

Washington DOL Consequences

  • License suspension
  • SR 22 car insurance (high risk insurance)
  • Ignition interlock

A qualified attorney can represent you before the Washington State Department of Licensing to fight the suspension.

Other Driving Under the Influence Consequences

Alcohol/drug treatment
Electronic home monitoring
Work crew
Community service
Ignition interlock
License suspension
Loss of employment
Increased insurance premiums

Our Seattle Criminal Defense Law Firm also works in the following areas:
Domestic Violence
Drug Crimes
Juvenile Defense
Minor in Possession
Property Crimes
Pre-Charging Representation
Other Serious Crimes

Our practice areas include: Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Queen Ann, Belltown, Sea-Tac, Renton, Federal Way, Auburn, Covington, Kent, Mercer Island, Beacon Hill, Maple Valley, and most of King County, WA.
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"We Got This Case Dismissed"
     This was probably the most stressful thing I've ever gone through in my life but Angela was always there to guide me! We got this case dismissed and I could seriously not be anymore happy and satisfied with her services. Very genuine and caring person not to mention amazing at what she does!!
– Brittany
"My Husband DUI Case Was Dismissed..."
     I hired Horwath Law to represent my husband for a DUI case and a year later the case was dismissed because of all their hard work. A DUI case dropped in one if the hardest counties in Washington. Thank you so much for driving all the way down to help us. I recommend everyone to this office. They let us make payments and truly helped us. Thank you to both ladies Kelsey and Hayley.
– Sarah Linne Miller
"Horwath Name Carries A Lot Of Weight"
When I got a DUI, I had no idea what to do. Having never been arrested, I was overwhelmed with fear, regret and questions. [...] Not only did Angela and her dedicated staff fight for me in the courtroom, they also walked me through the countless bureaucratic obstacles along the way. Whether dealing with judges, counselors or administrators, it quickly became clear that the Horwath name carries a lot of weight. "
– Anonymous


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