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Washington law allows judges to order harsher penalties for domestic violence crimes than they would impose on suspects who commit comparable illegal acts against strangers. Striking a partner or pushing a spouse is more likely to result in criminal charges than a mild scuffle with a person who is not in an intimate relationship with the accused. Domestic violence charges can bring serious consequences such as loss of firearm rights, travel restrictions, anger management treatment requirements and restraining orders.

State law encourages Washington and Seattle police officers to make an arrest in domestic violence cases anytime they may have probable cause. Since a simple accusation (“he slapped me first”) is all the proof it takes to constitute probable cause, domestic abuse arrests are commonplace in King County, Seattle and elsewhere in Western Washington.

False accusations of domestic violence are common and accusations are often exaggerated.
A domestic violence defense attorney in Seattle can help with allegations of domestic abuse.

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Defense of all Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond Domestic Violence Allegations

In Washington, the victim of a domestic violence accusation can be:

A spouse, former spouse, or domestic partner
A parent of the accused person’s child
An existing or past roommate
A person in a current or former dating relationship

Horwath Law fights for client’s rights in domestic violence crime situations.
The following charges are frequently listed as domestic violence crimes in Washington:


Assault does not always require proof of a physical injury. An assault arrest can be made by a simple push or shove.

Malicious Mischief

If the property of another is damaged in any way, no matter how small, you can be arrested and charged with malicious mischief.

Violation of a No Contact Order

A restraining order may be issued to protect an alleged victim of domestic violence. Protective orders usually prohibit a certain individual from carrying out certain acts such as contacting the listed person or going to that person’s house or job. Any violation of the order, including text, email or Facebook messaging, can be grounds for criminal prosecution.

Interfering with the Reporting of Domestic Violence Seattle

Preventing or attempting to prevent the alleged victim or a witness from calling 911 or filing a police report can result in criminal charges.

Other offenses

Other Washington criminal acts, such as making criminal threats, are commonly judged more severely when the alleged victim is or may have been in a domestic relationship with the accused. Additional crimes that might be committed against family members include sex offenses, child abuse, and elder abuse, and can result in serious consequences.

Aggressively defending accusations of domestic violence

Domestic violence accusations are frequently baseless. False reports made by a spouse or domestic partner when calling the police in the heat of the moment may be unfounded, but a prosecutor may believe it is true even if it is later rescinded.

The key to defending a domestic violence crime is often the ability to expose the accuser’s motivation to lie, which is usually easy to identify. A wife or husband may wish to gain advantage during a custody battle, they may act out on jealous feelings, or they could want to get a spouse incarcerated for revenge.

The police commonly arrest the person that calls first. Accidental contact can be mistaken for an intentional act of aggression in some cases. During heightened stress situations a minor incident may get blown out of proportion.

People who are accused of domestic violence have the right to fair and just treatment in criminal justice cases. You need an attorney who knows how to fight for your rights so you can avoid being marked as a stereotyped abuser.

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